Sep 26, 2016


Poke-y Bowl
Need a wholesome healthy bowl of grains to feel less guilty over that Korean fried chicken from last night? Well, you might be in luck, for another new player has arrived in town promising 'Food Gone Healthy'.
It's all that we hope for. Big on taste, small on calories. (Don’t we?)
Plenty of greens toppings later and I am sold.

1 bowl of Poke (pronounced as "poh-kay") makes me happy and glee over the consumption of healthy nutrients. 

Owning a Poke bowl ($11.50 onwards)
The steps are fairly easy.
First, choose a base from three choices available: Lemon Herb Quinoa( sounds zesty enough), Sushi Rice or Romaine Lettuce.

Next, choose a 'flavor' to go with. This is where the protein comes in and you can choose from Tuna in Shoyu or Spicy Garlic Sesame. If tuna is not your thing, top up $1 more for Salmon in Spicy Mayo or Avocado Miso. 
Either way the names have gotten me drooling already. 

Lastly, choose toppings to go with. 
If you are not a fussy eater and love veggies, I suggest getting a mix of everything which includes pineapple, carrot, cherry tomato, cucumber, edamame and top with tobiko and nori flakes.

And there! A total insta-worthy bowl of wholesome goodness.
Aren't the colours gorgeous? 

If the toppings are not enough, help yourself to more at the side bar,
Chili flakes, shallots, tori and the different sauces are all available for your spice up. 

The Taste
We had a go at Tuna in Shoyu and Spicy Garlic Sesame and both were just as flavorful and tasty. Fresh tuna cubes thoroughly marinated and jazzing up the entire bowl with the desired flavors, a perfect match with the fresh veggie toppings. 
Base wise, the quinoa stood out for being easy on the stomach and was punchy with each grain. The sushi rice was great too with hints of vinegar spice and garlic mix. 

To be honest, both combinations were winners.  

A Poke Theory also serves smoothie bowls which look promising enough for a return trip. 
So till next time!
P.S: The young service crew were really friendly as well. Bonus points for that. 

A Poke Theory

27 Boon Tat Street
Weekdays 11am-6pm
Weekends 10am-4pm

Sep 24, 2016


Saying Farewell
Remember the days when hanging out at Fish & Co Glasshouse was like the "IN" thing to do with your friend after school? Be it for a birthday celebration or mass gathering, The Glasshouse was known to be cool and hip among teens, Well, years down the road and with such influx of new creative cafes and eateries saturating the Singapore food scene, the Fish & Co Glasshouse has sadly also lost its shine gradually.

And when the announcement came on Fish & Co's FB that the glasshouse is closing down, I guessed some of some teared up a little, over the lost of another place commemorating our growing up years.

 Thanks to my ger JH for the info, we headed down for a last reminisce of the Glasshouse before it's offical clousure. And as I check the FB page, 24th Sept marks the last weekend  before it ceases operations. So if it's true, Head down this week to catch some yummy seafood and a look at the glasshouse before it walks down into history. There is also a 20% off till 26th Sept!  

( Partly it's closure also comes from main tenant Park Mall's revamp and rebuilt altogether )

Let's Get Hooked!
I have forgotten how striking colorful and "oceanic-themed" the Glasshouse  outlet looks in comparison with others. Ships and sails akin out in the sea fishing.
 ( Or maybe it's because I have not stepped into Fish & Co for a long time since)
But it was really nice and soothing to be back.
Plus the restaurant is not crowded and you can take your time to dine in.

In commerating its closure, fans are invited to pen down well wishes.

Customers in house but minimal.

Whimisical Blue and Red setting.

Swimming Fishy
The orders were gorgeous golden brown and tasty fresh fillets were served. Everything was AWESOME and on point. Service by the staff were meticulous and fast serving.
Just enjoy!!

Grilled Peri-peri Chicken with Prawns

Grilled Peri-peri chicken with Arctic Fish n Chips

Head on down one last time. 
I will miss the Glasshouse where Fish & Co so iconically stood for the past decades and more.
How about you?

Glasshouse @ Park Mall 
(9 Penang Road, #01-24)

Sep 23, 2016


Hello Singapore! Hello Kitty! 
Since I was early at the airport on a weekday evening while waiting for a friend, I decided to drop by Singapore's Hello Kitty Cafe. Right smacked in Terminal 3 Changi Airport. You should have heard by now that this cafe is the only orchid garden themed cafe in the world. 
So I went in embracing the floral cutesy themed Kitty cafe and had myself a soft serve yoghurt at $4.90++ which comes with 1 topping of your choice. 
I was there on a weekday mid afternoon in August  and there was no queue and seats were available. 

A Hello Kitty Mailbox! How adorable.

The first thing that greets you when you are seated- menu and the kitty table! So adorable.

It's a tropical feel inside the cafe with dropping orchids hanging down the ceiling.

Here's my photogenic delight. 

More photo points in the cafe.

Enjoy the company with your feline friend! 
Hello Kitty Orchid Garden 

Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3
Arrival Meeting Hall Central, #01-22
(Public Area, open 24 hours)

Sep 22, 2016


The newly revamped Island Cafe & Bar has waved goodbye to it's yesteryear outlook and I was delighted to step into a modernised, refreshed concept filled with ceiling high windows and coconut wallpapers of tropical breeze. Of course the marble tables warrant a 5-stars immediately for ease of a beautiful food #flatlay. 
Now all that's left was deciding what to order...

The cafe/bar is a casual setup, evoking a relaxing vibe yet exquisite details such as the beautifully customised hankie for customers, bearing the 'Island' logo was taken care of. 

Here's our order:
Indonesia Fried Rice $24
Taste of home. Beautifully plated spiced fired rice, comes with satay, crispy chicken, homemade achar and crackers, topped with a sunny side up. Comfort food gone atas.

Fish Taco with choice of truffle fries $22
This photogenic fish taco wrap was a joy to tuck into. Soft tortilla wrapped with breaded snapper fillets and wasabi vegetable slaw which added hits of spices was yums. T
ruffle fries was fragrant and crisp on point. 

Apple and Cucumber Juice $9
Freshly pressed and cooling sweet. 

The naturally lit dessert corner.

Tropical decorations

A great place to chill and have a long chit chat as it's fairly not overcrowded. Nice soothing ambience. 
Remeber to earn points with your TANG card for $ points! ( points expire 1 year from date of acquired)


Sep 21, 2016


We Eat
The crowd favourite will have to be the relatively affordable donburi sets. 

Kaisen Chirashi Don $22.90
For a mix of everything in a bowl of signature rice, Kaisen Don consists of uni (omg), tuna, negitoro, salmon, aburi salmon belly, scallop, sea bream, sword fish, white tuna, yellowtail, e eggs-ikura, tamago and ebiko ( okay, phew that's a long list). But this should suffice the sashimi cravings in you. We like this generous bowl. Top up $5 for a set of garden salad, miso and beverage.

Salmon Kaisen $12.90
Love everything salmon? Who doesn't with it's feel-good factor known to be a happy food. Comes packed in with aburi salmon belly, cubed spicy salmon, mentaiko seared salmon n salmon eggs ikura. 
Yes I Like!  Especially the signature mixed rice.

Shiso Smooth
Made of Shiso leaves, matcha, lemon and blended ice. Refreshing and cooling!

The wall deco is urban yet very mesmerizing. 

Orchard Central, #04-01